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Happy Pet Owners

I have to say these guys are amazing, my little guy broke his femur falling down our stairs. We went to Perry who turned us around tried to send us to a clinic that they are partners with to get money. Then got told to take him to Ames where again we got the run around of 3 options plate, the pin which they said wouldn't hold, or amputation all for the same grand price of 4,000 dollars. Finally my second mama. took us to Jefferson where at first they thought they could splint but it is ending up being surgery for legit 1/4 of the cost of any vet we tried. I am so Jefferson they called explained everything to me, they've been calling throughout the days to let me know how my little fur baby is doing. Jefferson will be our permanent vet. God bless you guys! You're the real MVP!!!!


have used this Veterinarian office several times and I am always happy with their services. I have horses and dogs. All of them mean a great deal to me. Last week I was in for my 14 year old dog, they were wonderful and very supportive, they explained everything in detail. They are honest about what is best for my animals and always have been. I have been to other places and the minute you say this pet is a family member the fees all change to a higher cost and they will load you up with tests and drugs for your pets..whether it helps or not...not here, it is honest here and no extra charges for "family fur-members". If they have a medical solution that will help they'll suggest it and if it won't help, they will tell you why it won't help. I appreciate it.